I have a tendency to pursue passions and obsses over them. All the way. This funny little song conveys some of my transitions in life so far.

Oh I start so much
But I never compete
My interests are running wild
Like a Viking fleet

One day I wanna start a company
To make them go hush
Next day it falls to pieces
And I'm the one that's gone bleep

I wanted to write a novel
To make the ladies go blush
The whole story was so cheesy
It made me look like a creep

Oh I tried making videos
And send my stories down the flush
Nobody cared to buy
Even when I was selling for so cheap

Wrestling was a dream I
Wanted to go for without any rush
I might have even made it if
My health didn't go down a hole too deep

Cricket was in my bones
Always ready to go hard without any push
"Be practical" killed my love eventually
I crumbled and crashed under books heap

Now I'm writing crappy songs
But I think I can crush
I plan to write about my life
Don't want to just sit here and weep

At some point, I grew up, found lust for money and love for code
Hustling my way out of the pit and chipping away at it while I was bored
It wasn't easy, wasn't always fun making my eyes bleed
But I wanted something for myself, I was too tired of being part of the horde

I lost my way many times, many times thought I was being lowered
But I never rested, couldn't sleep, there was too much I couldn't afford
Ain't going away, I'm gonna find my way, I'm too tough a breed
I'm gonna fight and shoot until I'm too loud to be ignored