Your broken lens will drown you and 3 ways to fix it

Your broken lens will drown you and 3 ways to fix it

The world is cloud of shit. Life sucks. People are terrible. Systems are rigged. The morals are non-existent and everything is broken.

Or maybe your lens needs an upgrade. And you need it fast or you’ll drown in misery.

The world is a dynamic place. Both caring and barbarian souls are present in abundance. It doesn’t give a damn about your feelings. It stays the way it is. But your world isn’t what your eyes process but how your thoughts shape it. Your view of the world is reflection of yourself.

A narrowed vision limits your potential and opportunities. On the contrary, a deeper perspective enriches your life and opens up the doors you didn’t think existed. The following ideas can help you get there.

1. Watch the World

You can’t expand your understanding without experiencing diversity of this green planet. There are cultural reasons why some countries are happier than others. There are geographical forces at play that enforce thought patterns of societies.

Unless you travel and expose yourself to different places, you’ll be too quick to judge people.

When you watch the world on a deeper level and embrace all its beauty and flaws, your shattered lens begins to heal. Your eyes open to complexities behind actions.

A society doesn’t treat women differently because they’re inferior. They respect them. They hold them too precious to expose to harshness of the world.

A community isn’t inherently bad based on historically higher crime rates. There’s goodness in them. They’re lost because they don’t know any better. And no one has bothered to guide them.

Realities are right there for you to see. You’ll only see what you want to.

2. Consult the Warriors

We’re prone to imagine that our situation is the worst. Our complaining self convinces us that others have it easy. If we abandon the journey early on, we won’t have to suffer it thinks.

But no matter how dire the circumstances, someone has lived them ten times worst. The stories of people going through unimaginable pain and still thriving give us hope. They show us what’s possible.

There are kings and warriors, builders and inventors and poets and philosophers waiting for us to listen. If we only give them a chance. If we only read. If we only let them help us tune our warriors and face the world.

3. Walk the Fires

You have dreams you haven’t acted upon. There are talents buried inside of you. The greatness lies beneath all the layers of doubt your conditioning has plastered over mind. You look at your destination. You gaze at the burning hot road passing through a lonely desert. It looks painful.

“Will it be worth the suffering?” you ask yourself. There is no definitive answer. So you cower back to your comfort zone and mediocrity. You become another cog in society.

We’re not built to spend lives as couch potatoes. We thrive in suffering. There’s satisfaction in fighting against all odds. The biggest war to fight is within ourselves. This war has a limited time. So why don’t you take up arms before the bells toll for you?

What have you been procrastinating for an eternity? What hell are you scared to pass through? Don’t you see people falling left and right unaware of their demise? Don’t you see the pain it causes to never take a shot?

Take yours before you drop dead.


It takes courage to understand yourself better and follow your purpose. But that’s what makes this life worth living.

To conclude:

- Watch the world and gather experiences
- Walk the fire and face your demons
- Shred away the expectations holding you back