Book of Life

Book of Life

  1. You have 24 hours a day. Each hour is like an apple with 60 seeds inside. Throwing one seed away feels harmless. We do that without much care. But one becomes two and two become twenty. We keep sailing through the day like that and before we know it, we have nothing but an empty basket to look at.

  2. Death to zero days. The rule is simple. Do something that takes you one step toward your goal. It doesn’t have to be much. Read one line. Write two paragraphs. Practice for 5 minutes. Even if you improve as little as 0.5 percent, that’s still something. 0.5 is still bigger than 0 and adds up to become 182 in a year. Way bigger than zero.

  3. Regret is poison. It eats you up from the inside. If you can fix it, get it done as soon as possible. If there is nothing that can undo that, you better move on and get on with your life. However, the greatest strategy is none of these. The best thing you can do for yourself is to avoid things that you’ll regret later on.

  4. “If you don’t fit the big stones first, you won’t have the space left for them at the end” - Work on the most important tasks first thing in the morning. This way you ensure that the most important goals have some progress regardless of how the rest of the day unfolds.

  5. Comfort is the death of progress. The moment you stop struggling is the moment your growth halts. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. This is deeply rooted inside of us and is a requirement for living a satisfying life. All those times when I stood for something I believed in and struggled to make it, I ended up gaining more than my end goal. The most important of which were self-respect and confidence.

  6. We can get used to anything. We can get used to staying home all day. We can get used to spending days in the mountains. We can get used to winning, losing, rising, or always falling. We can get used to building a better self or we can get used to self-loathing. What will you get used to?

  7. You don’t really value the life you are living until you get your teeth punched in by a health scare. I’m saying this after experiencing this more than once. When you’re lying there unable to do shit and thinking about your choices, you won’t be pushing for more money. You won’t be craving more recognition. You won’t be desiring a promotion. The only thing you’ll be begging for is to get the life you had. The life you always bashed. The life you were never grateful for.

  8. What’s the point of living if you don’t leave something behind? But what’s the point of leaving something behind when you won’t really care once you’re dead? But will you really care about not caring when what you left behind is benefiting other human beings? That’s the ultimate legacy goal. Leave something that can benefit others without caring about the recognition.

  9. Truth is always captivating. We are deeply wired to gravitate towards that. There is some force that keeps you glued to the screen when you see someone spit out the realities of what they went through.

  10. Freedom is what we crave underneath everything. We may not be aware of that but that’s the driving force behind a major chunk of our decisions, aspirations, and dreams. Freedom to do whatever you want. Freedom to sleep and wake up on your own terms. Freedom to travel the places you want. Freedom to shape your own life. Freedom.

  11. Take your shots in the morning. You can have chores, worries, distractions, love, fights, pains, and sufferings in the day. But take your shots in the morning.

  12. The day you start treating your time with respect will be the day you start grasping what you’re capable of.

  13. Peace requires fights. You can’t win once and own clarity forever. You have to be a warrior to keep the voices at bay. One day at a time.

  14. Ahhh! The man you could be if your monkey didn’t jump 97 places in 10 seconds.

  15. Ego makes you brittle and fragile.

  16. Have empathy. Feel for others even when they aren’t close to you.

  17. Think before you speak. Respect yourself.

  18. When you boast about your successes, even rightfully, people will become jealous. Learn the balance.

  19. You can be in love with the idea of doing something instead of an actual action. And you will never know until you try.

  20. Low character, when treated like celebrities will treat you like fans. High character people will always try to respect you on equal scale.

  21. Help without desire for rewards or favors to be returned.

  22. You can win an argument without destroying the other person. Know the art.

  23. The way to reduce regrets is to stay true to who you really are.

  24. You can impact millions. Your fans can be in thousands. Yet, you will only have a few truly caring connections. Cherish them all you can.

  25. If you don’t act like your words are worth paying attention to, why should anyone else?

  26. Are you a lost boat in the middle of a storm, crashing against the rocks, tilting towards any direction it takes you? Or are you the storm carving his own way?

  27. You can fix a badly created piece. But you can never fix a blank canvas.

  28. Make shit happen. You’re not a rock.

  29. The people whose opinions you care about will forget your name three days after you fall dead.

  30. Work for your body. Create for your soul.

  31. When you want something, understand what you yearn for. They are usually not the same thing.

  32. Struggle and suffering are the best self-improvement coaches.

  33. Fix annoyances before they become gigantic catastrophes.

  34. They won’t cherish how much paper you collected. They will mourn you for how you made them feel.

  35. Everyone can teach you something. Painters, priests, players, winners, warriors, wagers, trapped, torn, and toddlers all the same.

  36. Help those in pain. It doesn’t take long for a twist of fate.

  37. Distinguish between friends and colleagues. The latter won’t be there when either of you switches. The earlier will always be there even when you don’t have a job.

  38. Creativity flourishes when you throw away the lid of limitations.

  39. Observe. Intensely. You never know when it might be the last time.

  40. If someone is being targeted by everyone, don’t join the band even if you think hatred is deserved. You don’t wear their shoes after all.

  41. You are always an underdog somewhere regardless of how good you are. That’s where you ought to be if growth is what you desire. Don’t compare wealth, status, looks, or public perception. Someone will always have it better.

  42. Who told you everything needs to be fun? Do you think crows are flapping their wings in sheer heat for sake of fun? Do you think ants fall 29 times and still climb the wall for pure joy? They spend their entire lives earning brief moments of pleasure. Why should you have the right to complain the moment life gets challenging?

  43. Our thoughts create our reality. We’re always on the hunt for signs that further cement our beliefs.

  44. Shut your mouth and do the work. Don’t question progress before consistent effort.

  45. Kindness for yourself.

  46. If your legacy doesn’t benefit others, what kind of legacy do you have?

  47. If you only work when the mood strikes, you’ll have nothing in the end.

  48. When remaining blank pages scare you, look how many you’ve filled already.

  49. Fight your demons. They’re the hardest battle you’ll ever fight.

  50. You can’t make someone happy. Do what’s right. Be just and fair. Let them decide how they feel.