I will NOT die here

I was born here. I have zero intention of dying anywhere close to it. I don’t want to stay in one place forever. Honestly, if I had the choice, I wouldn’t stay in any place for longer than a few years.

When I have the life that I want, I would be hopping cities and countries every few years. Even though I feel like an introvert, deep down inside I have this unfulfilled desire to explore the world. I’m 27 already. I haven’t seen much.

When I die, I would like my Google location history to look like the inside of a PTCL office. All over the place. All tangled.

But I want it to be intentional. I want my traveling to be on purpose. Always improving always changing. Unlike PTCL.

In 2020 before I got married, I was really thinking hard about going for a digital nomad lifestyle. Didn’t work out the way I was planning because of COVID. But I was determined. I still think about it sometimes. Often, I wonder what would it be like to just go into the woods, some mountains all by myself? Sit there and write all day long without worrying about the little problems of life. Let my thoughts and ideas flow while soaking in the beauty of nature all around me.

I imagine myself sitting on top of a mountain while surrounded by trees and beautiful views in front of me. The breeze is slowly touching my skin and the clouds are dancing with the sun. I’m hearing the birds, the wind, the trees, and the rustling of the leaves and fully immersed in putting my thoughts and stories on paper.

That could be the most peaceful trip of my life.

Oh well. Doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen anytime soon. But there’s nothing wrong with hoping for the plans and dreams to become reality.

One day.